What Is The Best Video Downloader For Facebook?

What is Facebook? It is a behemoth amongst social media platforms and has been a staple of many households and college dorms across the globe. Facebook allows users who sign up for free profiles to connect with friends or people they don’t know online and share their opinions with others. You can share unlimited videos, images, music, posts, etc with others through the Facebook platform. Facebook is the biggest platform for content creation and consumption after the YouTube platform.

But, have you ever tried to download any video from Facebook? It is an impossible thing. It does not allow its users to download videos for offline viewing. Only you can save videos for later watching by using an icon on the Facebook app. It does not save videos to your local storage. Likewise, you can find all the saved videos in one place from your Facebook app after saving. If so, how to download videos from Facebook? To download your favorite Facebook videos you can use a third-party FB downloader.

The Facebook downloaders help to download unlimited videos from its platform directly to your devices. Most Facebook downloaders are online. Hence, it never asks you to install or download any app to use. Now let’s see more details about the Facebook downloaders. Here we go;

Why do we need a Facebook downloader?

As a Facebook user, you know there is no official way to download videos from Facebook. Facebook never allows you to download anything from its platform. Therefore, you can use third-party software to download videos from Facebook, known as Facebook downloaders. They allow their users to download countless Facebook videos without any limitations.

What are the Facebook downloaders available in the online market?

There are so many Facebook downloaders available in the online market. They are,

  • FDownloader
  • Snapsave
  • Getfvid
  • By Click Downloader
  • QDownloader and etc

They help you to download unlimited Facebook videos easily and quickly. All of them are available online. Hence, you can download any video without any installation or downloading apps. Likewise, they are available for free. Thus, you don’t want to make any payment to use them. Just copy the URL of the video and paste it into the input box. Also, they come with a user-friendly interface. Thus, you don’t need additional technical skills to use them. However, due to some significant features, I highly recommended using FDownloader. It will give you a quality service than others. Why? It confirms the highest stability, fastest, and security. The software comes with a manageable and user-friendly interface. Hence, you can use it without any difficulties. Likewise, there are no limitations or restrictions. Therefore, you can download unlimited Facebook videos directly to your devices.

What devices are compatible with it? The online FB video downloader confirms the highest device compatibility of the other tools. Hence, it supports

  • Smartphones ( Android, iPhone, iPod)
  • Tablets
  • Computers ( Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems)

Likewise, you have a chance to open the FB downloader using any web browser. They are Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Dolphin, CM, Firefox, etc.

Hence, you can get any FB video using any device without any difficulties. The Facebook downloader is an accurate and secure tool. It secures your privacy 100%. Now let’s see more advanced features of the Facebook downloader.

  • It is available for free and online.
  • The software does not require the installation or download of any app.
  • Never asks you to make any payment
  • User-friendly and flexible interface
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Efficiently tool
  • Download unlimited live videos, private videos, reels, and stories easily
  • Download 720p and 1080p high-quality videos
  • It receives continuous updates.
  • Confirms the highest stability and the security
  • 100% safe to use

How to download Facebook videos using it?

The software is compatible with both mobile phones and computers. Hence, here we provide both step guides to download Facebook videos using them on your mobiles and computers. Now let’s see the step guides in detail.

Through a mobile

  • Visit Facebook from a mobile browser to download Facebook videos
  • Search for any Facebook save download.
  • Select the Facebook video you want to download
  • Select the option “ share” from the right-bottom
  • Slide right through share to options and find “Copy Link.”
  • Now, go to the free Facebook video downloader and paste the URL in the input box.
  • Hit the “Download” icon and see the preview of the selected video.
  • After choosing the “ SD video” or “ Other formats” to continue the download
  • Finally, you can find the downloaded video from your device.

Through a PC

  • First, visit Facebook from your computer to download your favorite Facebook videos.
  • Open the Facebook app and search for the video you like to download
  • Then choose the video, expand the options from the top right corner, and copy the video link.
  • Navigate to the online FB downloader and paste the copied link of the video into the input box.
  • Click on the “Download” icon.
  • You can see the preview of the video now.
  • You will see “Download SD video” and “ Other formats” and the download option again.
  • Wait a few seconds, and your FB video will download automatically.
  • Continue with the download by clicking the correct option


If you want to download your favorite Facebook videos, the best solution is FDownloader. It will help you to download unlimited Facebook live videos, reels, and stories with a single click. The software is online. Thus, it doesn’t require any signing or logging to use it. There are limitations or restrictions. Therefore, you can download countless Facebook videos easily and quickly. Also, it confirms the highest security and stability. It never breaks any Facebook terms, Facebook top download content.

The software is available online. Likewise, you don’t need to spend any money to get it. Why? It is completely free. Likewise, it never tracks any link you paste into the input box. They respect their user’s privacy. You may get more details about the Facebook downloader. However, for more points, you can refer to our official website. Now you can try it. It will make you happy. Read also!


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