What Are The Types Of Car Delivery Services In The United States?

Car Delivery Services include a range of methods and options that facilitate the shipping of vehicles from one location to another. When moving to a different city, purchasing a car from another state, or requiring vehicle transportation for any other reason, multiple Car Delivery Services are available to cater to your specific requirements. This comprehensive guide will examine different Car Delivery Services and discuss their respective advantages.

Car Delivery Services

Types Of Car Delivery Services

Open-air Car Delivery Services

Open-air Car Delivery Services are widely utilized and offer a cost-effective solution for vehicle transportation. This mode of transportation method requires the loading of vehicles onto open-air trailers, which carry similarities to the trailers often seen on highways. These trailers are then used to transport the cars to their planned destinations. Although this option is cost-effective, it does leave vehicles vulnerable to various external influences, such as severe weather and debris on the road.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easily accessible
  • Perfect for most cars

Enclosed Car Delivery Servicess

Enclosed Car Delivery Services are commonly chosen by individuals seeking increased vehicle security. This method involves transporting vehicles within enclosed trailers, safeguarding them against adverse weather conditions and potential road hazards. This product is especially well-suited for luxury cars, classic cars, or any car where prioritizing protection is of the highest priority.


  • Improved protection against external factors
  • Perfect for high-value or rare vehicles
  • There is a reduced chance of experiencing attractive damage.

Door-to-door Car Delivery Services

Door-to-door Car Delivery Services offer an easy option for delivering your vehicle. These services involve picking up your vehicle from a location of your choice and its safe delivery to the desired destination address. This feature reduces the necessity for you to take delivery or retrieve the vehicle from a terminal, saving you valuable time and reducing your efforts.


  • Perfect simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • This product is suitable for the majority of customers.

Terminal-to-terminal Car Delivery Services

In contrast to door-to-door services, terminal-to-terminal car shipping entails transporting your vehicle to a designated terminal or depot and retrieving it from another terminal close to the intended destination. Although this choice may offer a more cost-effective solution, it is essential to note that it may necessitate different arrangements for transport to and from the terminals.


  • It’s an affordable choice.
  • This is easy for individuals who are situated near terminal locations.

Expedited Car Delivery Services

Expedited Car Delivery Services are provided to individuals who require quick vehicle delivery to the desired destination. This service usually comes at an additional cost and guarantees that your vehicle will be prioritized for pickup and delivery, reducing transit times.


  • When time is crucial, it is worth looking into expedited services. However, it is essential to remember that increased shipping may come with extra expenses.

Military car delivery services

Military car delivery services are designed to help military members on active duty and their families move their vehicles when they obtain orders for a long-term change of station (PCS). These services sometimes offer exclusive discounts and prioritize ensuring the prompt delivery of vehicles for military members.


If you are a military member facing a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move, it would be helpful to consider using military car delivery services to streamline the process.


Car Delivery Services are offered in various forms, each designed to meet different needs and preferences. No matter your situation, whether you are relocating, own a standard sedan or a classic car or are looking for expedited or budget-friendly options, a car shipping service can cater to your specific needs. When choosing a car shipping service, conducting thorough research on different providers is essential. Take the time to read reviews and collect multiple quotes. This will help you make a well-informed choice and select the service that satisfies your budget and particular requirements.

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