23 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Turner Maine is a small country town in Androscoggin County close to the Lewiston-Auburn metropolitan area. It is the county seat of Androscoggin County.

Turner Maine Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

The town was founded in 1786 and was named after a reverend from the surrounding area. Farming and water-powered mills were the economy’s mainstays for much of the country’s history, transforming logs into lumber and corn and grain into meal and flour.

Things to Do in Turner Maine

Turner is situated close enough to the coast to allow day trips to the beach to be feasible. Furthermore, it is within easy driving distance of several famous states and national parks in New England, making it an excellent place to stay when visiting the region.

There are 23 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine, which are listed below.

Turner Falls Park

Things to Do in Turner Maine Turner Falls Park

#1 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

The waterfall is the main attraction at Turner Falls Park, but the park, the oldest in Oklahoma, has much more to offer its visitors.

Many visitors come here to walk around the park and take in the beauty of its surroundings, which encompasses more than 1,500 acres of pure nature on three different levels.

Please remember to wear good walking shoes if you plan on doing this because the park has various terrains to navigate through.

If it’s your first time visiting, plan your day by looking at the park’s map online and deciding where you want to park your vehicle. There’s so much to see, and it’s all spread out over several levels, that it’s best to start planning your day before you arrive.

Turner Historical Museum

Things to Do in Turner Maine Turner Historical Museum

#2 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

A local history museum is an excellent starting point for those unfamiliar with the area who are unsure what to see and do while they are there.

The Turner Historical Museum, housed in the Leavitt Building near the town’s center and was established to promote and preserve the area’s history, was established to promote and preserve the area’s history.

Visitors will find various exciting artifacts that provide a unique insight into the region’s history. Still, it is not open every day, so check their website or call ahead before making a memorable trip.

The museum is not normally open on Saturdays, but they may allow you to visit if you call ahead and let them know you’ll become.

The 77-Foot Waterfall

Things to Do in Turner Maine The 77 Foot Waterfall

#3 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

The 77-Foot Waterfall is an incredible sight to behold and makes an excellent photo for your photo album. If you’re visiting the park for the first time and want to swim or wade in the water, this is the most manageable area to do so.

Although the path is rocky, it is an easy walk into the water. Although the water is extremely cold — not chilly, cold — visitors continue to swim in it. This is the best area for senior citizens and small children to enjoy the water.

Turner Highlands Golf Course

Things to Do in Turner Maine Turner Highlands Golf Course

#4 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

With its 18-hole course and popular restaurant overlooking the grounds, Turner Highlands Golf Course is easily a half-worth day of activities.

According to previous players, the course is challenging, but the treed areas, sand, and water hazards keep things interesting without being overly complicated.

There is a practice range, putting green, and sand trap for those who need to brush up on their game before hitting the links, so consider arriving an hour early if you’re feeling rusty.

As is the case with most courses, tee times fill up quickly during the peak summer season, so book your tee time at least a week in advance if you plan to visit during that time.

Pack for A Picnic

Things to Do in Turner Maine

#5 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Picnicking in the park appears to be a popular activity. Picnic areas are first-come, first-served, but this should not deter you; there are so many lovely spots for a picnic, and the majority include a picnic table and grill.

Bringing a wagon to transport your food and other belongings is a good idea, as is getting a rolling ice chest, particularly if you’re having a family picnic.

If you’re fortunate enough to find a picnic spot close to where you parked, that’s ideal; otherwise, there is a storage area in the back of the buses for large items.

Pop-up canopies, as well as beer and alcoholic beverages, are permitted in the park as long as they remain at your picnic site.

Androscoggin River

Things to Do in Turner Maine Androscoggin River

#6 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

The Androscoggin River, which flows through central Maine for nearly 200 miles before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean, is the state’s largest river.

It’s also one of Maine’s most popular fishing destinations, with anglers seeking a variety of game fish, including trout, smallmouth bass, and salmon.

Much of the river is located just east of Turner, and the area also features shore access points and multiple boat launches.

Fishing is frequently best in the morning and evening; remember, whether you’re a Maine resident or an out-of-state visitor, you’ll need a fishing license.

Swim In The Blue Hole Pool

#7 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

The Blue Hole Pool is where the grandkids will want to spend the majority of their time. It was my grandson’s absolute favorite section of the entire park. 

This area features a long slide that leads into the water as well as a diving board. 

A lifeguard is on duty, which was highly reassuring to me. Simply exercise caution when walking or swimming in the creek. Due to the moss, it can be pretty rocky and slimy.

Music at the Gazebo

#8 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

New England towns spring to life in the early spring, and several venues featuring popular outdoor concerts appear in the area.

Turner’s pavilion serves as a hub for the performing arts almost every week during the spring and summer on Matthew’s Way.

Even if the event doesn’t take place on a long table, be prepared to bring a folding chair or blanket, as events typically begin between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m.

Anyone is welcome to come to the events, but attendees are required to donate $5 to help cover the expenses of the performers and volunteers.

Turner Falls Park Castle

Things to Do in Turner Maine Turner Falls Park Castle

#9 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Turner Falls Park’s castle, built out of native stone back in the early 1930s, is an excellent example of English-style architecture.

The castle has now been hollowed out, and as a result, it is an impressive piece of artwork to walk through, as it allows visitors to think about what happened within its walls centuries prior.

In addition to the long and wide stairs that take you up to the castle, it comprises multiple levels, each with its stairway.

Because there are no official guided tours, you are free to tour the castle when it suits you and your family.

Bear Pond

Things to Do in Turner Maine Bear Pond

#10 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

In and around Route 19 in Stoddard Valley, Maine is a small town known as Turner’s Bear Pond, where you will find clean beaches and excellent fishing year-round.

The beach and lake are under municipal management; people who want to go to the beach must buy a beach pass at the town hall.

It’s not a good idea to swim or fish in the winter because the lake isn’t open from sunrise to sunset. However, it’s a popular fishing spot all year round.

Those who are staying longer will be eligible for extended full-season passes.

Hike The Trails

#11 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

You could spend your whole day hiking around Turner Falls Park and still not see everything in the park. It has a two-mile hiking trail that takes you to the park’s highlights and has numerous trails that go shorter or further.

Hiking the park in search of wildlife, such as whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and other animals who have settled in the park, is a great way to get exercise and meet new people.

Additionally, it should be remembered that the park has three levels, and as a result, there are noticeable changes in elevation along the road through the park.

To find out about all the hiking trails available to explore, use the map you get when you check-in at the park.

The Nezinscot River

Things to Do in Turner Maine The Nezinscot River

#12 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Turner’s townspeople derived a great deal of wealth from the Nezinscot River, as many of the town’s mills were powered by water from the river.

Though the mill has ceased to be a factor in the community’s economy, the river is still of critical importance to many people, especially those seeking a diverse array of outdoor activities.

Fishing for salmon on the Androscoggin River is prevalent and an activity enjoyed by canoeists, kayakers, swimmers, and bird-watchers.

As well as public boat launches and riverside parks with trails and covered seating areas, there are plenty of shore access points, riverside launch points, and boathouses.

Go Trout Fishing

#13 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

If you happen to be at Turner Falls, you can go trout fishing from November to March in the winter months. 

Do a quick search ahead of time to make sure dates are still available. Going fishing would be a great excuse to invite the grandkids to stay in one of the cabins (more on these below) when the grandkids come for the weekend. 

Turner Falls’ Wintertime Camping would be a lot of fun. See the things to do page and look for the fishing section.

Nezinscot Farm Cafe & Gourmet Food Shop


Things to Do in Turner Maine

#14 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

The farms in Maine are plentiful, and one of Turner’s most famous establishments is Nezinscot Farm Cafe and Gourmet Food Shop.

Also onsite is a market and bakery that are open Thursday through Sunday.

This farm covers more than 150 acres, and about 95% of it is used for dairy purposes.

You’ll have a hard time finding a more beautiful area nestled among scenic farmlands and situated along the banks of a rushing river.

You can take a guided tour or explore the farm’s hiking trails without the assistance of a tour guide.

While they’re known for their freshly baked goods, prepared meals, meats, and cheeses, all of which are made on-site, they’re particularly noted for their fresh-baked bread, made-to-order entrees, and cured meats and cheeses.

Old Fort Western Museum

Things to Do in Turner Maine Old Fort Western Museum

#15 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Old Fort Western Museum is a well-preserved, all-wooden fort located in the Kennebec River’s scenic vicinity in the state’s capital.

This museum’s staff are dressed in the appropriate attire of the period and act and talk just as the fort’s original inhabitants did.

It’s a popular learning activity with kids, and it uniquely teaches history.

While a few exhibits display contemporary artifacts, such as weapons, clothing, and home furnishings, most are original and include hand-crafted objects.

Overnight Camping

#16 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

There are plenty of different options for overnight camping at Turner Falls: whether you stay in a cabin along the Honey Creek edge or pitch a tent in the primitive camping area on Level 3. 

Luxury cabins equipped with picnic tables, grills, and fire pits are available for rent on the lower levels, in addition to screened-in shelters. We invite recreational vehicles, too. 

See Turner Falls Park’s Cabin page for a layout of the cabins and what’s included inside. 

Using your free time in the offseason to go camping, which is a lot more laid-back and colorful, is a beautiful way to appreciate the outdoors. Yes, of course, because I happen to like camping in the fall.

Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary

hings to Do in Turner Maine Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary

#17 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Several species of native birds can be found throughout the central Maine area, and Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary is a great place to see and learn about them.

This sanctuary is one of the Stanton Bird Club’s longstanding and long-term conservation projects.

A variety of walking trails can be found on the sanctuary’s grounds, each of which highlights a different section of the facility.

This Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary is located about 15 minutes from Turner via highway 41. The hiking and walking path is available to the public year-round.

Hurricane’s Café and Deli

Things to Do in Turner Maine

#18 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

If you’re tired and hungry after a long day on the road, Hurricane’s Café and Deli in Greene is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal without spending a lot of money.

All-day breakfast is served, including homemade soups, sandwiches, and wraps. Light fare to traditional, stick-to-your-ribs meals is also available on the menu.

Many customers return again and again because their portions are generous, the space is welcoming, and the price is reasonable. If you are near Turner, it’s a short drive to the restaurant.

Mount Apatite Park

Things to Do in Turner Maine Mount Apatite Park

#19 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Conveniently located in the town of Auburn, Mount Apatite Park is among the largest municipal parks in the area and an excellent getaway for those who want to avoid spending too much time in the car.

Year-round access to the park’s trails is available. In the winter, people wear them for winter sports such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

It’s possible to get lost entirely within the park at over 300 acres, so make sure you know where you are and where you are headed. It is one of the most used parks and only about three-and-a-half miles long.

Maine State Museum

Things to Do in Turner Maine Maine State Museum

#20 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

In the capital city of Augusta, this state museum has multiple floors and dozens of engaging exhibits. If the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor activities, this museum is an excellent choice for families.

Visitors can enjoy learning about the state’s history, economy, culture, and natural world while paying only a nominal fee.

Some of the museum’s most popular exhibits include the aquarium, which is full-sized, and the Native American displays.

Many of the displays were designed with children in mind to encourage children to interact rather than sit and watch.

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Gendron Franco Center

Things to Do in Turner Maine Gendron Franco Center

#21 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

Many consider the Gendron Franco Center in Lewiston to be the premier live performance venue in the state, and while you’re in the area, I highly recommend you utilize it.

The breadth of their performances includes stand-up comedy, symphony, opera, and bluegrass, and you’ll likely find something to interest everyone in your group on their upcoming schedule.

In the past, they have welcomed some of the most renowned celebrities to their show, such as Bob Marley.

The organization aims to embrace and strengthen the American and French cultures in both Canada and the United States.

Children’s Discovery Museum

#22 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

While children will have a lot of fun exploring Augusta’s state history at these sites, it won’t be the same after they’ve been to the Children’s Discovery Museum.

Reviewers say that kids get restless even after an hour or more, even if they aren’t in danger.

It is a unique blend of history, culture, science, and the arts, all lumped together in one place. Activities are promoted more than non-interactive exhibits, such as “look but don’t touch” exhibits.

While admission is reasonably priced, the museum is most popular in the winter months when it is pretty cold and icy in the surrounding area.

Hallowell Powder House

Things to Do in Turner Maine Hallowell Powder House

#23 Best Things to Do in Turner Maine

It was initially known as the Hallowell Powder House because it was a military storage depot since the early 1800s.

This fascinating historic site lets visitors gain a unique perspective on the area’s past, dating back nearly two centuries.

This powder house location provides some great views of the town of Hallowell and the Kennebec River, all of which can be enjoyed from the elevated ground.

The local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter operates the establishment. Be sure to check out their website to find out when they are open and learn about other local places to visit.

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Things to Do in Turner Maine

  1. Turner Falls Park
  2. Turner Historical Museum
  3. The 77-Foot Waterfall
  4. Turner Highlands Golf Course
  5. Pack for A Picnic
  6. Androscoggin River
  7. Swim In The Blue Hole Pool
  8. Music at the Gazebo
  9. Turner Falls Park Castle
  10. Bear Pond
  11. Hike The Trails
  12. The Nezinscot River
  13. Go Trout Fishing
  14. Nezinscot Farm Cafe & Gourmet Food Shop
  15. Old Fort Western Museum
  16. Overnight Camping
  17. Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary
  18. Hurricane’s Café and Deli
  19. Mount Apatite Park
  20. Maine State Museum
  21. Gendron Franco Center
  22. Children’s Discovery Museum
  23. Hallowell Powder House

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