Top 3 Best International Schools Tokyo, Japan

Without a doubt, Tokyo is one of the world’s most significant cities. It boasts over 50 foreign schools, with IB diploma schools being the most popular, followed by British schools, and finally, American schools, with a nearly equal mix. Fees range from as little as $7,000 annually to $28,000 for the most prestigious institutes. That being said, let us look at some of the greatest.

Global Indian International School

GIIS has established benchmarks in learning frameworks, curriculum delivery approaches, and remarkable academic results as one of the top-rated Tokyo International school admission, Japan.

It promotes a good environment where students may enjoy excellent learning while strengthening their personalities, beliefs, and culture. Students are given the choice to select a curriculum that meets their needs. GIIS has selected outstanding curriculums that are globally recognized and deliver the most significant value to students.

It offers education from pre-primary through high school and is recognized for providing its pupils with the most excellent infrastructure and amenities. This school is prevalent among the Indian ex-pat population.

Daizawa International School

DIS believes that all students are extraordinary and competent. By respecting and nurturing each child’s unique personality, abilities, and interests, they can realize their potential and improve their confidence for future success. The school aims to educate youngsters who have grown conscious of the world’s children and become interested in the world. A truly global citizen can make friends and be trusted anywhere globally.

American School of Japan

It is a private, coeducational day school that welcomes students of all nationalities. ASIJ, founded in 1902, provides an American-style college preparation education for the children of foreign families, both those on temporary assignment and those who make Tokyo their permanent home.

The curriculum is standards-based, and students graduate with an American high school diploma. ASIJ’s program prepares students to succeed in their future academic endeavors, including Advanced Placement and other advanced topic courses.

End Note

Since Japan’s education system is regarded as one of the greatest in the world, the above school surpasses the phenomenon. Morals and ethics are taught to children as a norm. This may be sufficient grounds to enroll your children in a different school system with which you are more comfortable.

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