9 Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

Tokyo is by far the most populous city on the planet. It is a must-see on any trip to Asia because of its excellent nightlife. Keep reading because we’ll look at the Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night in this article.

I adore visiting big cities and going out at night! I wouldn’t miss a night out in Tokyo from Sao Paulo, where the nightlife reigns supreme.

The city itself is cutting-edge, equipped with the most remarkable advanced technologies.

The sizeable modern structure mixes in perfectly with Japan’s rich traditional heritage, providing stunning views, especially at night.

Thanks to TV shows and movies, Japan is also one of the most popular tourism destinations.

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Tokyo (previously Edo) is a young capital city compared to several of the world’s centuries-old capital cities.

It is one of the most modernized cities in the world and growing at a breakneck pace.

Every turn reveals the most cutting-edge technological advancements, but just down the street is an old neighborhood straight out of the nineteenth century.

Various Buddhist temples contrast with massive computer businesses, and there is something for everyone.

There isn’t a metropolis on the planet that compares to the sheer variety on offer here.

If Tokyo is too expensive for you and you’re on a budget, here are some terrific alternatives.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re thinking about going out in Tokyo at night, keep in mind that the last trains leave at midnight and return at 5 a.m. the next day.

Is this a sufficient excuse to abstain from social gatherings? There’s no way!

One option is to remain out till 5 a.m. and organize your day accordingly. However, taxis in Tokyo can be costly, so it’s best to take public transportation whenever possible.

In Tokyo, anyone seeking a drink must be at least 20 years old. That is the legal drinking age in the United States, and most merchants adhere to it.

Let’s explore what possibilities are accessible now that you’re ready to enjoy Tokyo’s nightlife!

Spend a Night Partying

Your best bet is to begin in Shibuya, Tokyo’s young capital.

Many locals and visitors congregate in the district’s clubs and bars, which house some of Tokyo’s greatest DJs.

Clubs are typically large, with numerous levels, towering ceilings, and enthralling light shows.

Due to the popularity of this region among tourists, a variety of foreign DJs perform daily.

People are particularly drawn to electro music, which attracts many artists from Japan’s techno scene.

Entry is usually around $15; however, it can be a little more for special events.

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If electro and techno aren’t your things, the Vuenos is a two-minute walk away, where you can listen to reggae.

Another well-known portion of Shibuya is the so-called “Love Hotel Hill,” which caters to people of all tastes.

If you miss the last train, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from.

The frantic pace of city nightlife can become overwhelming for anyone at some point.

Shibuya has a fun fact: in a bronze statue, the world-famous dog Hachiko guards the district.

Even ten years after his owner’s death, the real Hachiko traveled to the train station every day in the 1930s to see him.

People remember it fondly because it is a sad but heartwarming story.

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Now that you’ve drunk your heart out and seek things to do in Tokyo at night with your family, let’s look at some other possibilities.

Explore Various Themed Restaurants

Throughout Japan, there are many themed restaurants and bars. If you browse long enough, you’ll almost certainly find one that suits you.

You will undoubtedly come across them wherever you go in Tokyo, and it just might be the one you’re looking for!

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area is the most well-known and one of the city’s most popular attractions.

It’s more of a cosplay show than a restaurant; however, they serve meals, snacks, and beverages.

The spectacular spectacle, complete with neon lights and numerous visual effects, ensures a remarkable experience.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

There are other bars with a jail motif, such as “The Lockup,” as well as vampire and anime bars, so there’s something for everyone.

Tokyo is one of the best locations for introverts, despite all the bars and restaurants that make it appear too hectic.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content

If you go to the Robot Restaurant, linger a while longer in Shinjuku because it has a lot to offer.

Discover Tokyo’s most chaotic and packed commercial neighborhood by exiting the world’s busiest train station.

It is well-known for the numerous shopping malls and boutiques that line the streets.

Shinjuku has a lot of options, so it’s a good compromise between markets and high-end areas.

Discover the best shopping centers in Ginza’s pedestrian area if you’re looking for high-end items. Then, mix with Japan’s upper society at one of the world’s most luxurious shopping districts.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

The Chuo Dori is where the majority of the overpriced boutiques and shopping centers are located.

It’s a one-kilometer-long shopping boulevard that gets particularly congested on weekends due to traffic restrictions in the afternoon (hence the pedestrian paradise).

With their colorful neon signs that light up the Tokyo skyline, many smaller bars welcome the evening.

As the evening progresses, Kabukicho, a sizeable red-light neighborhood, becomes increasingly evident. You can use your phone to avoid getting lost in the crowd because the beautiful neon signage is all in Japanese.

Many clubs have websites that are open to the public and describe their atmospheres and offerings in great detail.

Mingle With Other Tourists and Foreigners

After a while in Japan, you’ll begin to desire some familiar company.

It might be exhausting to be continuously surrounded by people who speak a foreign language, as gorgeous as Tokyo nightlife is.

But there’s no need to book that plane ticket just yet; there’s a solution! Roppongi is a veritable melting pot of travelers from all over the world.

This region is extremely popular with international travelers who enjoy partying in Tokyo because of the abundance of bars, discos, clubs, and salsa dance halls.

Roppongi has evolved into a prominent meeting point for foreigners and internationally-minded Japanese throughout the years.

Roppongi’s hosts and locals are well-equipped and experienced in dealing with travelers, mainly English speakers.

There are also specific foreign parties that are popular with the locals in some circumstances. These usually start at 6.30 p.m., allowing you to start partying early in the evening.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

There’s no disputing that Tokyo at night has a lot to offer but keep your guard up.

Some performers are particularly pushy in their promotion of various establishments. To prevent being conned, keep your guard up and remember that you’re here to have a good time!

The romantics among you who find the capital a little too loud and congested should try Kyoto as an alternative.

It exudes serenity and is an ideal companion to Tokyo, as both provide distinct atmospheres and opportunities.

Play Karaoke at the Golden Gai

Karaoke is very popular in Japan and is one of the inhabitants’ favorite pleasures, surprising many visitors from other countries.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most incredible things to do after a night of drinking and partying.

We propose the Golden Gai, one of Shinjuku’s more weird and fascinating neighborhoods, for a night of karaoke.

It’s a distinct location with a personality that has escaped the post-World War II recovery effort.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

Some of the top bars in the district may be found here, each with its own distinct and unique vibe.

Some bars are only open to locals and do not allow tourists. This is more due to their desire to maintain a close community than to be antagonistic to visitors, but it’s worth mentioning.

Enjoy the Sights and Beautiful Vistas

The Tokyo skyline at night is a sight that necessitates a correct vantage position. Start with the Tokyo Tower, one of the city’s most iconic and identifiable buildings, for the most fantastic view of the entire city.

It is not only a popular tourist attraction, but it also broadcasts television and radio signals.

Thousands of people visit two observation platforms each year. The tower was painted in a bright white and orange color scheme that made it visible even during the day.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

The tower is illuminated at night and resembles a massive lighthouse, guiding tourists rather than boats.

Visitors can visit FootTown and view the metropolis from one of the two observation decks.

It’s a complex of buildings beneath the tower, including an aquarium, restaurants, a museum, and little playgrounds.

The Rainbow Bridge near the port is another fascinating attraction. The bridge connects the mainland with the scenic Odaiba peninsula via numerous levels of roads.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

At night, when the view is at its greatest, this part of Tokyo is teeming with tourists. After dusk, the Rainbow Bridge transforms into a rainbow of colors, living up to its name.

The port also has other attractions that highlight Tokyo’s natural beauty. The lovely Hamarikyu Garden, a local park ideal for nature enthusiasts, is one of them.

It, like Central Park in Manhattan, provides a respite from the city’s concrete jungle.

Another prominent landmark visible from Tokyo, far in the distance, is Mount Fuji, which is sure to be famous to any volcano enthusiasts.

Even though it’s about 100 kilometers from the city, it’s still visible and worth seeing.

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Geek-Out in Akihabara

The region of arcades, Akihabara, is one of Tokyo’s craziest districts. Japan has many strange rituals that many of us are unfamiliar with, but Akihabara takes the cake.

Colorful and striking billboards, massive skyscrapers, hundreds of arcades, and innumerable department stores will meet you here. Everything revolves around technology and computers.

This area may become your heaven for anime enthusiasts. You can spend hours wandering around the numerous department stores, looking for the most bizarre things.

Mangas, anime figures, and cosplay necessities are all around you. If you’re not a fan, it could all seem a little overwhelming at first, but don’t let that deter you.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

One of the popular local pastimes is exchanging polaroid images with Maids from all over the neighborhood.

The majority of the city’s Maid cafés may be found in Akihabara, which you should visit at least once.

They’re huge in Japan, and most of them have a kawaii tone to them. Cute animals and accessories are also used as meal decorations.

You can enjoy the song and dance routines that play in the background as you eat.

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At night, Tokyo comes alive, and Akihabara is no exception when you’ve had your fill of the cafés, head over to the arcades or Pachinko machines that dot the area.

Spend a Night at the Capsule Hotels

These hotels provide a distinctly Japanese and Tokyo experience.

Capsule Hotels make a lot of sense as a concept for a country with such a large population, but they’re also great as tourist attractions.

They are similar to dormitories in that you share a hall with many other international visitors.

You won’t be sleeping in cramped bunk beds, either; instead, you’ll get your capsule. They’re like comfortable tiny lockers for persons only.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

The capsules are slightly larger than standard single beds and appear to be huge.

Although the tallest people may have difficulty sleeping, the great majority can do so peacefully. This is because a radio, headphones, a socket, lighting, and sometimes even television are included in most capsules.

In addition, you could expect to receive a set of towels, pajamas, a toothbrush, and other essentials.

After a long day of visiting Tokyo at night, you can stow your luggage in huge lockers and nestle into your bed.

Of course, with so many people in one room, up to 40 people, it may get slightly noisy.

This is one of the reasons why Capsule Hotels aren’t ideal for prolonged stays, but they’re still a fantastic experience.

The good news is that this type of lodging is reasonably priced at around $15 per night.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

Sample the Seafood from Huge Fish Markets

A fresh snack may be just what you need when you decide to take a break from partying.

As an island nation, Japan is home to some of the world’s largest fish markets. Therefore, all seafood connoisseurs owe it to themselves to try some of the freshest fish available.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is still the world’s largest fish market, and the city is still a favorite among foodies.

Every day, about 2000 tons of fish and seafood pass through, all of it fresh! If you like sushi, some stalls are likely to serve the best sushi in Japan.

The best fish is usually found early in the morning, but Tokyo often has a good assortment late at night. The tuna auction, which attracts hundreds of visitors every day, is a particular attraction.

There is strict quality monitoring for the tuna on sale, so there is no need to be concerned. However, because these auctions tend to change around from location to location, it’s a good idea to check ahead of time.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night 1

If you want a healthy morning snack, there are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable stands. Also, it’s a beautiful location to stop by if you’re waiting for a train at 5 a.m. after a night out!

If you want to continue your investigation during the day, you have a lot of possibilities.

If you let it, Tokyo may quickly deplete your bank account, making your next holiday all the more difficult.

If you linger in Ginza’s shopping district a little longer than intended, here is some advice on how to travel for free!

Final Words

We appreciate you taking the time to read our post about the 9 Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night. Kindly notify us if you have any additional comments or questions in the section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

  1. Spend a Night Partying
  2. Explore Various Themed Restaurants
  3. Shop to Your Heart’s Content
  4. Mingle With Other Tourists and Foreigners
  5. Play Karaoke at the Golden Gai
  6. Enjoy the Sights and Beautiful Vistas
  7. Geek-Out in Akihabara
  8. Spend a Night at the Capsule Hotels
  9. Sample the Seafood from Huge Fish Markets

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