Rainbow Sands [ The Hidden Attractions Rainbow Beach ]

The beaches of the Sunshine Coast are the perfect place to spread out a towel and relax while taking in the surf, sand, and sun. However, if you’re more of an adventurous beachgoer, there is one Rainbow Sands Beach on the Sunshine Coast that you must visit.

Rainbow Beach is our version of “The Perfect Beach,” where sugar-soft sands meet electric-blue seas, and everything is as if it were a paradise on the beach. 

Rainbow Sands Rainbow Beach Queensland Australia

We anticipated that you would be searching for this idyllic location, which is why we pulled out our map and made sure everything was ready for you!

Rainbow Beach has much more to offer than a picturesque ocean scene. Additionally, you will essentially have this natural wonderland to yourself if you visit outside of peak season.

The Great Beach Drive, which stretches from Noosa’s North Shore up to Fraser Island, is the quintessential Australian road trip, combining deserted beaches with breathtaking rainforests. 

While only a short 15-minute drive from Noosa’s main attractions, this 380-kilometer journey is both beautiful and entertaining and provides an excellent opportunity to see wildlife such as whales, dugongs, kangaroos, and dingoes.

If you decide to embark on this breathtaking journey, you will unavoidably pass through a picturesque coastal town known as Rainbow Beach – and yes, it is every bit as enticing as it sounds. 

Once you experience Rainbow Beach’s distinct, homey charm, you’ll be compelled to return again and again.

Today’s our guide to Rainbow Sands; The Hidden Paradise of Rainbow Beach will help you discover this hidden paradise like a local.

Rainbow Beach (Rainbow Sands in Queensland, Australia)

Rainbow Beach Queensland Australia

On this stretch of coastline, Mother Nature has truly outdone herself. Rainbow Beach is a charming Australian beach town formed by cliffs of deep sand. 

It is located between Fraser IslandGreat Sandy National Park, and the vast Pacific Ocean waters. The Rainbow Beach’s multicoloured sands are what put this area on the map.

Rainbow Beach Queensland Australia

There is an old local legend, passed down from generation to generation, that tells of how a spirit, the rainbow, fell from the sky to adorn the coastal cliffs due to a legendary battle between good and evil.

Today, these deep Rainbow sands layers, combined with various exciting beach activities, have made Rainbow Beach a popular destination for beachgoers, anglers, campers, eco-tourists, and anyone else looking for a stroll in the fresh air.

As a low-key location with a large area, you’re likely to see only a few people. As a result, there is always plenty of room for everyone.

Directions of the Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Sands Rainbow Beach Queensland Australia

The journey from Brisbane Airport to Rainbow Beach takes 2.5 hours. Take the Bruce Highway north, and, when you reach Gympie, take the right-hand turn.

Take the car ferry from Tewantin in Noosa to see all the beautiful places along the Noosa River while you’re driving. By driving to Noosa, you will see a car ferry crossing the river, as well as some beach scenery.

When to visit Rainbow Beach

When to visit Rainbow Beach

When you hear the term ‘beach’ or ‘coast,’ you may immediately think of summer. 

Despite this, winter is an excellent time to visit Noosa and Rainbow Beach and drive the Great Beach Drive

Not only are the temperatures more forgiving, but humpback whales are also on vacation, migrating along the coast, where you may see them jumping and playing offshore.

Things to Do in Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Sands

rainbow sands in rainbow beach

There are many reasons people go to Rainbow Beach, but the most popular is the Rainbow Sands. To get to Inskip Point on the shore of Rainbow Beach, you can drive along the coast. However, if you are more into walking, you can access Rainbow Beach from the nearby town of Montauk. 

The first indication of the beach 2 km away from Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club will be sand. Make sure you are well-hydrated, no matter where you go.

The breathtakingly beautiful sandstone cliffs will appear as if they were created by nature over thousands of years. When it rains, the sand turns a vivid shade of 72 different colours.

Go for Recreation in Inskip Point

Inskip Point

This 12-kilometre extended serene area calms Great Sandy Strait and Tin Can Inlet’s waters. The site’s main draw is the beautiful landscape and exotic wildlife. 

Birds can be seen in various ways: for example, you can see species like Grey-tailed tattlers, Bar-tailed godwits, and the Red-necked stint. Turtles and dolphins thrive in the calm waters around Inskip.

Go Scuba Diving with Sharks

Scuba Diving in rainbow beach

You will be glad to know that Rainbow Beach is also home to one of the most fantastic diving locations in Australia for someone who enjoys diving. 

Wolf Rock Dive Center is a popular name for the location. Double Island Point, located 200m off the coast of Rainbow Beach, is home to this park.

The site is always packed with grey nurse sharks from Spring to Autumn, although you can find them year-round. 

Most whales migrate during the winter. There are fewer of them during this time, but the good news is that it is the best time for their migration. 

Graceful leopard sharks also join you during the warmer months.

There are plenty of activities for people who want to explore and get lost in the wonders of nature at Rainbow Beach.

We’ve compiled a list of the best-rated excursions in Rainbow Beach to ensure you get the most out of your trip. There are one-day tours as well as multi-day excursions available.

Horse Ride

Things to do in the Rainbow Beach

One of the great things about a horseback ride along the rainbow sands of Rainbow Beach is that you’ll be able to see the sunset while you ride. 

Beautiful tropical vistas, woodland walks, and spectacular ocean waves will leave an indelible impression. The journey is appropriate for both novice and experienced bikers.

4WD Beach Drive and Kayak with Dolphins

Things to do in the Rainbow Beach

As soon as you get to Double Island Point, you’ll be on a 4WD ride on the beach. And, best of all, you’ll get to spend 3 hours enjoying a kayak tour during which you can observe sea turtles, humpback whales (between June and October), and dolphins! 

There is no need to worry if you have never tried kayaking. With basic instructions from an expert guide, you’ll be good to go.

Visit Fraser Island

Things to do in the Rainbow BeachDiscover beautiful areas like Lake McKenzie, famous Champagne Pools. Have a look at the famous Maheno Shipwreck, which is situated in crystal-clear waters. Ride the beach like you’re in a convertible during the entire tour!


Things to do in the Rainbow Beach

Even as a kid, you always wished to learn to surf? In Double Island Point on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, one of the country’s surf hotspots.

Double Island Point, where gentle waves and some expert instruction will get you on a surfboard.

Fishing Tour at Rainbow Beach

Things to do in the Rainbow Beach

Take a vacation at Rainbow Beach to see some of the best fishing locations surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and clear waters of the region. Fishing equipment and bait will be provided to make fishing easier for beginners.

Cooloola National Park

Cooloola National Park

The Great Sandy National Park is in the Fraser Coast Region, a large coastal national park near the southern tip of Australia. 

This place is the perfect location for various outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, canoeing, and hiking, as well as experiencing other memorable activities.

If you drive, you’ll get there by car. If you’re walking, you’ll get there on foot. One way or another, you will see giant dunes, rainforests, and many more kinds of wildflowers on this endlessly long coast.

Carlo Sandblow

Carlo Sandblow

Carlo Sandblow is a steep hill on which a lightning strike “blown” the top.  Erosion also flattened it. 

Hiking, parasailing, and hang-gliding are popular in Carlo Sandblow because of the stunning views of Tin Can Bay and Double Island Point. If you’re exceptionally fortunate, you may even see whales in the summer.

Surf/ Watching Crabs/ Fishing

Things to do in rainbow beach

It is a dream destination for a family vacation, as it has a massive ocean of rolling waves and wonderful-looking shades of orange, amber, red, and brown in the sand.

Campsites that are near the beach are filled with campers who like to go to the tidal inlet. Camping, fishing, and surfing are all activities you can do here. Visitors should also know that going there at low tide will allow them to see millions of soldier crabs moving into the ocean.

Lighthouse on Double Island Point

Double Island Point Lighthouse

This 19th-century lighthouse on Double Island Point is one of the most popular attractions in Queensland. This island formation is based on an elongated sand split, and so it gives the impression of two separate islands.

There are excellent opportunities for water sports, coupled with an incredible landscape, to make this an excellent place for travellers. Bear in mind, though, that there is no lodging or camping available.

Food Restaurants at Rainbow Beach

Food at Rainbow beach

If you’re starting in Noosa, enjoy a hearty à la carte breakfast and a steaming hot cup of coffee at Noosa Beach House on Hasting Street before making your way to the Tewantin vehicle ferry.

It takes less than five minutes to reach Noosa’s North Shore, but believe it or not, there are no cafes for 100 kilometres or more once on the beach. 

This is hardly a disadvantage, as it demonstrates how new this section of the land truly is.

Pack a picnic to enjoy later at one of the numerous scenic locations along the route from Noosa to Rainbow (Belmondo’s in Noosa is a great place to stock up before you go). It’s a breathtaking drive with plenty to explore, so take your time.

Stop at Double Island Point, a popular day-trip destination for Sunshine Coast residents that is only accessible via four-wheel drive. 

Spread out your picnic blanket and soak up the sunshine, then take a stroll to the headland for an incredible 360-degree view.

Once you arrive at Rainbow Beach, you’ll begin to consider dinner. Arcobaleno On The Beach is a popular sport in the town. 

This lovely Italian restaurant features a beautiful courtyard and an inviting atmosphere. 

The staff comprises locals who do an excellent job of serving crispy wood-fired pizzas and delectable pasta seven days a week. Brent’s Burgers is another must-see while in town. 

Brent and Alexandra Klekar, long-time residents, opened the laid-back joint in 2019 and knew how to stuff a burger bun generously. Don’t forget to order their world-famous sidewinder chips.

When the urge for fish and chips strikes – as it always does – visit Ocean Breeze Seafoods, it sells only locally caught seafood, direct from Tin Can Bay’s trawlers.

Some famous Restaurants are:

Brent’s Burgers

Burger lovers will think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they eat at Brent’s Burgers. Vegetarian burgers are offered in a wide variety of choices. This location is perfect for a casual meal, an evening meal, or grab a drink at the bar.


Are you looking for a fun, relaxed setting in the city to dine? This is the right choice! Italian food appreciators can get pizza, pasta, tapas, and antipasto whenever they want.

The restaurant has a beautiful sunset view, but they also have an outdoor seating area to enjoy it.

Eds Beach Bakery 

You will not be able to leave the bakery hungry. It is also believed that the establishment has the best pies in the area! In addition, gluten-free snacks and entrees are available here.

Rainbow Beach Sports Club

Enjoy a delicious meal with a bottle of wine from their shop. Also an excellent place for lunch. You will need to reserve a table for dinner. Gluten-free and vegetarian meals are available as well.

Cafe Jilarty

Any type of lunch or dinner will be delightful at Cafe Jilarty. The staff is courteous and kind, and the menu has options for gluten-free and vegan eaters.

Popular Drink at Rainbow Beach

Drink at Rainbow beach

This small township in the ocean on the island of Great British Columbia has an unmistakable signature. It revolves around a central business district, with the sea situated at the end of the street. 

That could explain why, once the sun sets, the majority of this close-knit community assembles at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club. It attracts locals with its stunning views and friendly, inviting environment, just like any excellent surf club.

If you’re looking for good coffee, you have a few options. Brent’s Burgers serves Clandestino Coffee from Noosaville or Vincenza Coffee from Maroochydore at Somewhere Over Coffee. 

Alternatively, pay a visit to Cafe Jilarty for an authentic flavour of local charm. The cafe’s owner is an artist, and the wonderful atmosphere she’s constructed quickly gives you a sense of her passions. 

This cafe not only serves a delicious breakfast menu and excellent coffee, but it also features local photography and sells local homewares.

Rainbow Beach Accommodation

Rainbow Beach Accommodation

Rainbow Beach offers a range of accommodations for visitors, including campsites, vacation rentals, and luxury vacation houses. Palm trees and forest line the resort’s coastline in Great Sandy National Park, making it a beautiful spot. 

The environmentally friendly and energy-efficient luxury condos are located on a hill offering breathtaking, panoramic views of the beach and the sea. 

It’s much quieter here, as it’s removed from the hustle and bustle of ‘town life. Also, it’s an excellent choice for people who love the outdoors and birdwatching because it gives them direct access to hiking trails and birdlife.

Camping options in Rainbow Beach put you right under the stars, allowing you to feel more connected to the outdoors. Campsites and cabins are located beside the Great Sandy Strait inlet where Rainbow Beach Holiday Park is. 

Ultimate Camping provides everything for you if you travel without your equipment, including a tent, cooking equipment, and a private toilet and shower by the beach in the Inskip Peninsula. 

If you prefer, you can include a seafood platter in your order. All you have to do is book your camping permit ahead of time.

Some top accommodations are:

Little Salty Vibes

It is located in Rainbow Beach and offers free private parking as well as a lovely garden.

Rainbow Sea Resort

The view of the ocean is breathtaking. Rainbow Beach is only a short distance away. Parking is free, and there are laundry facilities.

Debbie’s Place

Rainbow Beach is 500 meters away, while the Great Sandy National Park is 150 meters away. Free WiFi is available, as well as a terrace.

Final Words

We appreciate you taking the time to read our post comparing Rainbow Beach for vacations. Kindly notify us if you have any additional comments or questions in the section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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Things to Do in Rainbow Beach

  • Rainbow Sands
  • Go for Recreation in Inskip Point
  • Go Scuba Diving with Sharks
  • Horse Ride
  • 4WD Beach Drive and Kayak with Dolphins
  • Visit Fraser Island
  • Surfing
  • Fishing Tour at Rainbow Beach
  • Cooloola National Park
  • Carlo Sandblow
  • Surf/ Watching Crabs/ Fishing
  • Lighthouse on Double Island Point

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