10 Best Byron Bay Beaches for your Next Vacation

This coastline of beautiful beaches is ideal for everyone in the family to enjoy their favorite Byron Bay Beaches activities, with rock pools, calm surf, and plenty of room on the golden sand.

From the rock wall at Brunswick Heads village to the outcrops of Broken Head, Byron Bay has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

You’ll be spoilt for choice in Byron Bay, whether you’ve got little kids joyfully paddling at the water’s edge, older youngsters seeking to vent their boundless energy, or teenagers who want to suntan all day.

Best Byron Bay Beaches

We’ll take a closer look at Best Byron Bay Beaches in this article so you know where to go the next time you visit Australia’s most vibrant coastal town.

Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach is a 2.5-kilometer strip of beach between the mouth of Belongil Creek in the west and the seawall and Byron Bay car park in the east and is frequently neglected by tourists.

Belongil Beach is a considerably quieter alternative to Byron Bay’s Main Beach (see below), making it ideal for families and dog owners.

The Wollongbar, a 2K ton passenger steamship, was stranded in the surf directly in front of Belongil Beach in 1921. This shipwreck may still be seen and is now a popular snorkeling destination.

This stretch of Belongil Beach, just north of the seawall, is known as The Wreck and is a popular surfing spot. It’s a protected reef break with reliable swells.

Torakina Beach

Torakina Beach 

From the charming village of Brunswick Heads, cross the wooden bridge to one of the area’s smallest and most family-friendly beaches, ideal for very young children.

Torakina Beach is a small, well-protected sandy beach located north of the Brunswick River’s mouth break wall.

Its calm waters are great for teaching young children to swim. However, stay close to the shore because the river has a strong current beyond the small rock wall.

It’s a terrific area for adults to lounge in the waves or sunbathe on the beach. Behind, you will find some native bushland and a grassy area ideal for picnics or barbeques (there are several available).

The settlement, dubbed ‘Bruns’ by locals, is a popular hangout for surfers and families who frequent the cafes and vintage boutiques between swims in the blue sea.

Locals can be seen leaping off the wooden bridge into the gently flowing waters of the tidal river that separates the community from its beaches at high tide.

Main Beach

Main Beach

It isn’t named Main Beach for nothing. It’s where the majority of the action in Byron Bay takes place.

The most popular and nearest beach to town is Main Beach. I’m sure you’ve seen a postcard of Main Beach if you’ve ever visited Byron.

A famous surf break, smooth white sand, turquoise sea, a surf patrol for the youngsters, and INCREDIBLE sunsets all come with a north-facing bend.

The classic Australian beach is Main Beach.

Not to mention the renowned Byron Lighthouse on the far headland, which you must go up to, and the legendary Beach Hotel over the road, which is perfect for a Sunday session.

Surf Beaches

Surf beaches

Surfers will be able to find beautiful, uncrowded waves all across the region. Lennox Head is a National Surfing Reserve in Australia, and its most famous break, Lennox Point, is one of the country’s go-to spots when a vast swell hits the coast. Also, catch a wave at Shelly Beach near Ballina, further south.

Byron Bay attracts surfers from all over the world; try your luck at The Pass, The Wreck, Belongil Beach, or Wategos. Brunswick Heads and New Brighton both feature various breaks along their open beaches, and Brunswick Heads’ river entry is a local legend’s favorite surfing site.

Let’s Go Surfing, Style Surfing School, Soul Surf School, and Kool Katz are just a few of the many surf schools in the Byron Bay area that provide beginner lessons.

Sign up for a multi-day surf camp with MojoSurf or Surfaris if you want the whole surfie experience. Both offer tours for people of all skill levels.

Clarkes Beach

Clarkes Beach

Byron Bay’s Main Beach drains into Clarkes Beach, a calm north-facing strip of sand with beachfront parking, fantastic facilities, and a big RV park farther around the bay to the east.

Clarkes Beach is ideal for swimming because the waves are tiny yet large enough to accommodate learn-to-surf programs frequently held there.

It’s also a popular snorkeling destination, with several rocky outcroppings to explore close to the coast.

The Pass

The Pass

The Pass offers an astonishing diversity of experiences in just a short stretch of beach, making it an excellent site for young families, a famous surf area, and a spiritual gathering place for the Arakwal people.

The Pass is ideal for young children receiving their first taste of the ocean, with waves breaking at right angles to the beach and shallow water along the long sandbank.

More confident family members can approach all surfers and enjoy the long-lasting waves that are great for body surfing.

Climb the stairs to Fisherman’s Lookout for a panoramic view of the Byron Bay coastline. Photographers love this wooden platform, positioned on the slope at the eastern end of The Pass.

Visit the midden to the left of the boat ramp to learn about the area’s Indigenous history. Animal bones, shells, and stone artifacts show that this site was once a gathering spot for local indigenous people.

Wategos Beach

Wategos Beach

What a beautiful beach! Wategos Beach is still on our list of the most incredible beaches in Australia, and one that we tell everyone about (sorry locals).

It has crystal clear water, boulders strewn across the sand, soft rolling waves ideal for longboarders, and is sheltered and kid-friendly. Wategos Beach is a must-see for us whenever we visit Byron Bay.

If you don’t want to ride a longboard, at the very least, jump in the ocean and then relax with a free BBQ or a meal at the on-site cafe.

Little Wategos is a little further around the path from Wategos. If you’re searching for a beautiful sheltered site for snorkeling, sunbathing, or swimming, this is the place to go.

Swimming and family Beaches

Swimming and family beaches

Main Beach in Byron Bay is the most popular beach in the area. It is located in the heart of town and is patrolled all year. Summer patrols are also conducted at Wategos and Clarke’s beaches, with Little Wategos being the town’s most sheltered beach.

Lake Ainsworth, a freshwater lagoon at Lennox Head, also has guarded swimming beaches.

Brunswick Heads has it all for beachgoers searching for a safe place to swim. Near the mouth of the Brunswick River, there are calm water beaches to swim in, particularly at Torikina Beach Reserve.

Ballina’s beaches, including Lighthouse Beach and East Ballina’s Shelly Beach and Flat Rock, offer safe, patrolled swimming.

Little Wategos Beach

Little Wategos Beach

Little Wategos Beach, Australia’s most easterly beach, is right next door and can be reached by foot via a sidetrack from the Byron Bay Lighthouse walk.

This north-facing beach is only 150 meters long and ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and rock fishing.

Little Wategos may be the ideal destination for you if you’re seeking a secluded and sheltered stretch of sand.

Tallows Beach & Cosy Corner

Tallows Beach & Cosy Corner

Tallows Beach is a lengthy stretch of beach that stretches to the south, and I’ve only seen it from the Lighthouse hike we did, which is an excellent view, by the way.

Tallows Beach is a beautiful site for beach fishing, while Cosy Corner, just below Cape Byron, has a good surf break when the circumstances are right.

However, while we were up at the Lighthouse, we witnessed a surfer being rescued after being dragged out to sea by the strong current at Cape Byron.

Snorkeling and Diving

In the Cape Byron Marine Park, the world beneath the waves is equally as stunning. Right off the coast of Cape Byron, Julian Rocks is one of Australia’s top underwater spots for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Lennox Reef, often known as “the moat,” is located about 200 meters off Seven Mile Beach and is a popular snorkeling spot.

Beachside accommodation

Stay close to the water and make the most of your beach vacation. At the northern end of town in Byron Bay, Elements of Byron sprawls across 22 hectares of pure beachfront.

Tallow Beach Houses are hidden into a nature reserve behind the shore, while Raes on Wategos looks over its eponymous beach.

Budget travelers will find plenty of oceanfront lodging as well. Reflections All of the Holiday Parks in Clarkes Beach provide easy access to one of Byron Bay’s most excellent beaches.

Suffolk Park, Broken Head, and Lennox Head all provide waterside vacation parks. Reflections Ballina Holiday Parks are located on the banks of the peaceful Richmond River.

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Best Byron Bay Beaches

  1. Belongil Beach
  2. Torakina Beach
  3. Main Beach
  4. Surf Beaches
  5. Clarkes Beach
  6. The Pass
  7. Wategos Beach
  8. Swimming and family Beaches
  9. Little Wategos Beach
  10. Tallows Beach & Cosy Corner

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