A Christmas in Vermont (14 Best Festive Ways to Celebrate)

There is no better spot to spend the holiday season than in the beautiful state of Vermont. There is so much fun to be had, from magnificent bed & breakfasts with winter sleigh rides to hitting the slopes with the whole family!

What could be better than spending the holidays in a place where snow is guaranteed? Furthermore, a variety of tiny towns offer the ideal holiday getaway.

With the holiday season approaching quickly, there’s no better time to start thinking about how you’ll spend your time off. Naturally, Vermont should be on your consideration list.

Use this advice to organize your holiday getaway: a warm Vermont Christmas!

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Tips for Enjoying a Christmas in Vermont

If you’re visiting Vermont in the winter for the first time, you’ll want to be prepared. Here are a few pointers to help you avoid being surprised by what it’s like during this season!

Bring all of your winter gear

The mornings in Vermont may be below 10°F, so be prepared. This type of weather becomes the norm once it starts snowing, especially if you plan on visiting the state’s northern regions. Winter boots, jackets, sweaters, layers, caps, and gloves are all recommended. Bring anything you can think of in the way of warm layers.

Get a rental car

Unfortunately, unless you plan on visiting the city of Burlington, Vermont does not offer a lot of public transit. There’s also an Amtrak line that runs largely up the state’s eastern half, with stops. As a result, driving is the most excellent way to see Vermont. If you visit in the winter, though, make sure you rent a vehicle that can handle ice and snow. You’ll also be able to attend holiday festivities in locations that are a little less well-known if you have a car.

Prepare to ski or snowboard at least once

Vermont is an outdoor lover’s dream in any season, but especially in the winter. Even if you’ve never skied or snowboarded before, try to immerse yourself in the local culture by going. Many places offer lessons. Don’t feel awkward about having to go down the child hill as an adult!

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6 Must-Attend Holiday Events in Vermont

Wilburton Inn’s Canine Christmas

Canine Christmas at Wilburton Inn in Manchester, Vermont, is a must-attend event if you enjoy celebrating the holidays with your puppy. You may attend a delightful slumber party with your dog at this exciting event hosted every year for only one weekend in December. Make sure you buy the hideous dog sweater you can find, as well as one for yourself. A professional photographer usually is there to shoot many photographs.

A Very Merry Middlebury

This entertaining event takes place in Middlebury, Vermont, throughout the whole month of December. This town hosts a new event every week, ranging from parades to exhibits. So if you choose Middlebury for a beautiful winter in Vermont, you will not be disappointed.

There’s even a scavenger hunt that spans the entire town. If you win, you might earn a $100 gift card! In addition, pop-up ice rinks, “I Spy” activities, pyrotechnics, 25-cent hot chocolate, Santa visits, and more are all available.

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The Bennington Museum’s Festival

The Festival is an annual event held at the Bennington Museum in southern Vermont. During this period, many town residents gave a large number of their old possessions to be resold. Then, children come to the museum at a low cost to acquire these products for their families. It’s a fantastic method for the museum to raise funds while also allowing children to participate in the holiday season by purchasing gifts for their entire families.

Volunteers are always needed at the Bennington Museum to assist with this event. I’ve volunteered before, and it’s always a good time. You may either be a holiday wrapper (yep, you get to wrap holiday gifts for kids all day) or a shop helper (you get to stroll around with them and accompany them on their quest to locate the ideal present). Of course, this also entails ensuring that they adhere to their budget.

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A Beacon of Light

A River of Light is a festival held in Waterbury, Vermont. This is a great lantern festival with lots of people! First, everyone in the town (and those in adjacent towns) gathers with homemade lanterns. Then, with their lanterns, everyone forms their parade through town, basically forming a “river of light,” as the name implies.

The fact that this event draws everyone together is what makes it so unique. You may also witness a wide range of lanterns, from those produced by schoolchildren to those created by some of the area’s most well-known artists! This is also a fantastic way to meet some of the town’s residents.

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Tree Festival

The Festival of Trees, held in St. Albans, Vermont, joins in the celebration. This is a week-long event with activities on each day. In addition, there are PJ parties with movie nights on some days and a tree lighting in the center of town on other days.

The events change from year to year, so visit the town’s website to see what’s going on!

Lights Festival

Morristown conducts its own Festival of Lights, similar to the Festival of Trees but not identical to it. This is a one-day festival with a lot of things to do.

Typically, the day begins with a public screening of a free film. After that, parades, fireworks, Santa sightings, performances, and even horse-drawn carriage sleigh excursions are all part of the festivities. What could be better than that to celebrate the holiday season?

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8 Must Things to Do in Vermont at Christmas

Not everyone enjoys going to events. Fortunately, many more minor things are available in Vermont during the winter, especially during the holiday season. Here are some of the most enjoyable activities to partake in during this beautiful period!

Take a ride on the Polar Express

The Polar Express, yes, you read that correctly. You may buy tickets to ride it in Burlington, Vermont! This usually only happens on a few days in December, but it’s a terrific chance to see the entertaining children’s story come to life. If you want to take this incredible train excursion, make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time. This is one of the most popular things to do in Vermont, so last-minute tickets are difficult to come by.

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Visit Billings Farm and Museum

Woodstock, Vermont, is home to the Billings Farm and Museum. This heritage museum and dairy farm get into the holiday spirit in a big way. A great holiday tour here takes you around the museum, which is all decked out for the season. You’ll even get the option to make attractive ornaments to take home as a keepsake at the end of the trip. The tour comes to a close with a sleigh ride around the property!

See a local parade

Throughout Vermont, there are numerous parades. Almost every town has its version of this festival, so you’ll be able to witness at least one regardless of where you’re staying. The bulk of these parades feature residents, but you might be able to find others that are a little more unusual, such as St. Albans’ Tractor Parade.

Attend a Christmas Concert

Holiday or Christmas concerts can be found anywhere, just as local parades! Local choruses or schools frequently stage these entertaining concerts. These are sometimes free, but they are by donation to assist local charities most of the time. You could even be able to lend a hand as a caroler!

Things to Do in Vermont

Go on a sleigh ride

Many local farms and bed and breakfasts offer sleigh rides throughout the state. Some come with a horse and carriage, while others are more “Vermont-esque,” with a tractor pulling you. You can find out which area farms and bed and breakfasts are organizing sleigh rides this year by doing a quick internet search. Just remember to layer up if you don’t want to regret it!

Head to the local apple barn for hot apple cider

Apple barns can be found all around Vermont, and while they may appear to be more of a fall attraction, they are frequently visited in the winter. So grab a cup of hot apple cider and some steaming apple cider donuts from the town’s nearby apple barn. These are perfect for surprising your entire family or partner in the morning!

Attend a tree lighting

Without tree lightings, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same. A tree lighting is held in Bennington’s little town generally a week or two before Christmas, and it’s a fun way to mix with the residents and take part in a community event. In addition, you may discover a tree lighting event near you no matter where you are in Vermont throughout the winter.

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Cut down your own Christmas tree

If you’re visiting Vermont during the winter, don’t miss out on this typical New England pastime: cutting down your own Christmas tree! In Vermont, many Christmas tree farms can assist you in realizing your fantasy.

Participate in outdoor sports

Last but not least, make an effort to participate in outdoor sports at least once! As previously said, skiing and snowboarding are two of Vermont’s most well-known outdoor adventure activities. However, if those activities aren’t your thing, you can try snowshoeing, sledding, or even ice skating. Almost every community has at least one of these available as a recreational activity.

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